Why Donate

    With over 6400 members from across Canada, your donation makes a huge difference. How?

    We are a volunteer driven organization, and with only one staff person and a virtual program we are efficient and effective.

    90% of our budget is dedicated to our program. Only 10% of ur expenses are administrative in nature! We also don't pay anyone to do fundraising for us.

    • $1 a day supports our Role Models and Mentors program - we have over 80 online volunteers who support and guide our members!
    • It only costs $15 a year to help a child find a friend
    • $25 allows us to recognize a volunteer with a thank you gift card (most are students they really apprecuiate this!)
    • $50 allows us to train a mentor
    • $75 supports our Specialty Chats every month
    • $250 supports our SEO allowing us to track metrics and impact
    • $500 lets us set up an e-community and train the moderators to manage it.
    • $1000 suppports our Mental Health Modules so we can refresh the content on a regular basis
    • $5000 funds an Ability Gives Equipment grant.

    Donate now and help our kids discover their potential!