Friends and Family 150 Donors

    Friends and families of Ability Online make smaller donations that collectively add up to our $1000 150 Targets. Thank you for your belief in the value of our program!

    Group 1:

    Nadja Faithful - parent

    Krystian Shaw = Young adult,  owner of the Kamloops Self Advocate Newsletter and long time member

    Linda Shaw - parent

    Daniella Paudash - parent

    Oksana Vernik - parent

    Sally Ellis - parent

    Aaron Gourley - friend of the charity

    Dr. Arlette Lefebvre -Co-founder, Ability Online


    Group 2:

    Brian and Karin Laine - parents

    Kristin Laine - Young Adult member

    Edenshaw Management Ltd - friend of the charity

    Gemma Lee - parent

    Mattamy Homes Limited - friend of the charity

    Sally Ellis - parent