Safety & Security


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    Young people with disabilities and illnesses are vulnerable – more vulnerable than most.  Ability Online’s reason-for-being virtually begins and ends with the focus we put on protecting our members.

    • Members can only register using real names and contact information; identification is verified prior to site access
    • Public online messages are consistently monitored for appropriateness
    • There is zero tolerance for bullying behaviour
    • There are age-restricted areas, so you can feel comfortable hanging out with people your own age, if that’s what you’re looking for
    • The site is secured with encrypted log-ins, as well as the latest SPAM and language filters
    • All staff and volunteers are police screened

    Along with helping members and parents, consider how Ability Online can provide special expertise and benefits if you are part of a support group that would like to establish an online community.

    Subject: Personal information

    Ability Online is a secure web site, where you can come in, chat with friends, discuss issues with mentors, get help with problems....the list goes on.  The whole make-up of our web site is to protect the member from unwanted activity.

    That's why we want to give you this friendly reminder......please don't share your personal contact information while you are here at Ability Online.

    What is personal contact information?

    Your phone number (home or cell phone) - your home address - School name - other email addresses - personal web sites, you get the idea.

    How come?

    While you are here, online with us, we want to make sure that everyone only has positive experiences.  We take these safety rules very seriously and if we find out that people are not following our rules, we can limit access to Ability Online. ...but we can't help you outside Ability Online, like if someone has gotten your phone number, and starts telephoning you all the time.....we have no control outside Ability Online.

    So, if you know someone from camp, or the hospital, or school, of course you can connect - but do it in a private message - that way you'll know your information doesn't go any further.  If they are not members of Ability Online, tell them to join and the reasons you like Ability Online.

    And remember, if someone asks you for your personal information – you have the right to say NO! And if they keep asking, let us know and we will deal with it. Do not let anyone pressure you into giving out personal information.

    The staff and all our Hosts are here to make sure everyone has a great online experience. If something is going on that makes you uncomfortable - please let us know right away.

    Thanks for your cooperation!!!!