Ability Gives Program and Eligibility

    The Connection between Ability Online and Ability Gives


    Ability Online is a supportive online community for kids, teens and young adults with all kinds of disabilities or chronic illnesses. We also have a separate section for parents and professionals. Membership is free and the online experience is safe, secure and monitored.  There are just under 6000 members currently registered with Ability Online.  Programs for the youth include Bully Bouncers, Friendship Builder and Transition Plus.  

    Ability Online helps members build confidence and skills by connecting them to a supportive community of role models and mentors, linking them to great learning resources, and providing them with a safe and nurturing platform to receive assistance tailored to their specific learning needs.  It allows any member (child, teen or parent) to connect with others for friendship, support and information in a secure, bully-free environment where the goal is to help our members accomplish great things!  A new program Healthy Minds is just being developed with support of members of Ability Online and is designed to support young people with disabilities and mental health challenges. 


    Ability Gives is our grant program contributing to life changing experiences in children and youth with disabilities by helping families acquire necessary equipment/aids. Ability Gives is part of the charity Ability Online.

    Having a child with a disability brings a unique set of challenges to a family’s life. From learning how to manage their health needs to wanting to help them achieve their personal best, It's a 24/7 undertaking! And then you add in all the "extras", the adapted equipment, specialized seating, writing aids etc that quickly drain often limited financial resources. While there are some financial supports available, the full cost is not always covered or parents might not meet all the eligibility requirements, and it is that amount that may prevent the child from getting what he/she needs to be as self-sufficient as possible. Ability Gives wants to help. We want to bridge that financial gap and turn the impossible into possible!

    As a program component of Ability Online, Members who already have access to a supportive online community for networking and the sharing of information may apply for an Ability Gives grant. Items that may be covered by the grant include:

    • therapy bikes 
    • ipads with communication software for non-verbal children
    • adapted strollers
    • specialized seating/feeding chairs
    • lifts and turners
    • serial casting/orthotics
    • orthotic shoes
    • walkers
    • splints

    Zophia in action with her Grillo walker from Ability Gives

    Program eligibility

    To date, we have completed 189 grants valued over $450,000!

    If you know of someone in need, please let them know of our program!

    Please DONATE and help us give the gift of independence to more children!

    Thank you to the Pollack Family for providing the inital funds to create this program, and for their ongoing support. Your impact is HUGE.