Articles and other publications

    Jan 2014: One of our long time members, Laura Forde managed to get her blog and Ability Online noted in a textbook - check out the first  PDF! Well done Laura!

    Dec 2013: Krystian, one of our young adult members, is involved in writing a newsletter in Britich Columbia and included an article about Ability Online. Keep up the great work Krystian!

    Nov 2013 - Ryan's Story - Spotlight article, Today's Kids in Motion

    Sept. 4 2013: Our Directors are the best! 

    August 23 2013: DTN supported Ability Gives financially and in their blog.

    May 1 2013: Our Locomotion2013 event was covered by Snap[0]=512404

    April 14 2013: "Snowdon’s passion made her perfect choice to lead ICG legacy program", Windsor Star, Life Section

    April 2013: Against All Odds  - Spotlight Article, Todays Kids in Motion Spring 2013

    Feb 6 2013 -OPHEA gives a shout-out to Ability Online in their article "Youth: The Leaders of today"

    Dec 19 2012 - Vetted Website Gives Special Needs Kids Safe Online Playground - Kim Hughes,  SamaritanMag. 

    Nov 21, 2012 - A Safe Place Online for Children with Autism and other Disabilities - Laurie Monsebraaten, The (part of the Autism Project Series)  

    Fall 2012 - The Gift of IndependenceSpotlight Article which appeared in Todays Kids in Motion 


    When you read the following blog, you will get a glimpse of our motivation to keep a place like Ability Online going and growing. These kids need friends -and it can start here. Our members accept one another unconditionally. They respect one another's differences, and they know that for the short while they are online, they belong to something special.


    On Today's Parent Disability Blog, Amy Baskin wrote about her daughter using Ability Online: