About Us

    Two sisters


    Giving the Gift of Independence

    Ensuring children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses have a safe, nurturing and supportive online connection to each other and the world around them.





    To be a leading and trusted provider of networking opportunities and resources to ensure that children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses, parents and professionals, have a safe, nurturing and supportive online connection to the world around them in order to promote independence and an enhanced quality of life for our members.




    Core Values


    Ability Online is strongly committed to the values of Inclusiveness, Accessibility, Free Access, Safe and Protective, and Collaborative.




    We welcome children/youth with all kinds of disabilities, illnesses or other life challenges to be a part of our online community. We also have separate sections for parents and professionals who work with these children.




    Our program is available 24/7 from any device with Internet access. The site itself tries to accommodate children of all abilities, allowing for access with specialized technology and/or software


    Free Access


    Membership and access to the member pages is free. We recognize that our families have many financial demands and we want to be able to include everyone regardless of their financial status.


    Safe & Protective


    Through our safety policies and practices  we provide a monitored and supportive online experience. All members are screened prior to being granted full access, and all personal data provided during registration is confidential. We also have zero tolerance for bullying and will restrict/remove member access if required.




    We work closely with community partners, content specialists and our members to ensure that our content truly addresses member needs. Moreover, the community collaborations allow us to work together with our partners to reach more members, provide greater impact, and serve as a resource for their clients/service offerings.