What the Parents are saying

    One Parent's Perspective:

    "When our daughter first experienced the isolation that can come with a life-changing illness, Ability Online offered a place of refuge …. relief from a sense of isolation, as well as a place to have fun, share stories and learn from peers. When family, friends, doctors, were unable to understand, there was always someone who could listen without judgement, someone who had ‘been there’ and had some insight to share.

    The initial sense of safety and trust that newcomers experience through Ability Online opens the door to a community of like-minded people. But it doesn’t stop there … Ability Online also encourages its members to become mentors to newcomers and leaders within the Ability Online community. Becoming a mentor requires a change in how you think about yourself and how you think about others. Through meeting other children and coming to know their stories, members of Ability Onine can’t help but realise that there are many meaningful ways to live in this world and that our capacity to love and create is limited only by our capacity to imagine … Ability Online helps its members achieve the potential within themselves that may be hidden to others … and perhaps even to themselves.

    We have witnessed this awakening within our daughter … 

    And who is mentoring the mentors? We have been struck many times by the quality of mentorship provided by Ability Online’s executive director, Michelle McClure, and her staff. The rules are clear … membership is by registration only, the content of the site is monitored and guidance is provided when necessary.

    We are grateful for the gifts that have come through Ability Online … it has made a huge difference in our lives. Thank you!

    Jane Salter (Parent)"