Twitter plea garners special equipment donation for disabled child


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    Twitter plea garners special equipment donation for disabled child


    Toronto, ON- June 23, 2016- When Jeff Preston noticed a post on Twitter asking for

    donations to provide a specialized seat for a boy living with a severe disability, he saw a

    wonderful opportunity to help. As VP of Marketing and Product Management at Motion

    Specialties (a home health care equipment vendor) in Toronto, he thought he might have an in

    with the manufacturer of the specific chair the boy required. The Rifton Activity Chairs is a

    highly specialized chair that provides much needed flexibility for children and adults with

    severe physical disabilities, allowing them to perform a number of tasks without having to be

    reseated. Jeff decided to contact the manufacturer and ask them to help him cover the cost

    of the chair for a young boy named Emmanuel.


    The chair is being presented to Emmanuel and his mother, Michelle Rhoden on Monday, June

    27th at 9 AM at the boy’s home at 32 Needlewood Lane, Brampton. Representatives from

    Ability Online, Erinoak Kids, Motion Specialties and Advanced Health Care Products, the

    Canadian distributor for Rifton, will be present as well. The media is encouraged to attend.

    Says, Jeff Preston, “This really shows that it truly takes a village to achieve goals and

    outcomes for kids with disabilities."


    The initial tweet was part of a campaign by Ability Gives, a subsidiary of Ability Online, which

    typically raises money to purchase equipment to help families of children with disabilities.

    Michelle McClure, Executive Director of Ability Online states, “Often the most necessary

    equipment is not covered by government healthcare or private insurance. The financial

    burden to parents trying to help their children is staggering.” The donated Rifton chair costs





    AbilityOnline is a free, monitored online community for youth and young adults and families

    living with disability or long-term illness. The site provides resources and social support for

    families and professionals as well. Visit for more information.

    Ability Gives is a subsidiary of Ability Online which helps families of children with disabilities

    by raising up to $5000 for special equipment not covered by traditional insurance or regular

    health care. Visit


    Motion Specialties is a health equipment provider with multiple locations in Ontario, Alberta

    and British Columbia. Visit


    Rifton is a manufacturer of specialized medical devices for children and adults with physical

    disabilities. They are located in Rifton, New York. Visit

    Adaptive seating uses and other information:



    Advanced Health Care Products is the Canadian distributor for Rifton products. http://


    Rifton Activity Chair Video Link:


    Rifton makes a variety of devices to suit the unique needs of people with

    disabilities. This chair has multiple moving parts that allow children like

    Emmanuel to participate in a variety of activities and therapies such as

    physical therapy, without having to be reseated.





    This is the tweet that caught the attention of Jeff Preston who started the process of

    getting Emmanuel a Rifton chair.