Online partners enhance lives of youth with disabilities


    Company: AbilityOnline

    Contact: Michelle McClure, Executive Director

    Address: 250 Wincott Dr.

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     Online partners enhance lives of youth with disabilities


    Toronto, ON-April 10 2015- Socializing and shopping are effortless activities for most people, but for those who live with disabilities, they are often out of reach. Enter two of the most important online tools for people with disabilities: AbilityOnline, an online community for children and youth living with disability and long-term illness and Koolway Sports, an online retailer specializing in adapted clothing for people in motion. The charity and the online retailer have created a strategic alliance which will ultimately broaden their reach and make life easier for more people who live with physical challenges.


    “The partnership made a lot of sense to us because we have many of the same people in our target markets,” says Michelle McClure, Executive Director of AblityOnline. McClure frequently met Koolway Sports founders John and Jennifer Gallienne at conferences related to providing support to people who live with disability, so when Jennifer Gallienne approached her about combining their marketing efforts, McClure enthusiastically agreed. 


    AbilityOnline is currently embarking on a national campaign to bring the benefits of their web community to children and youth across Canada. Koolway Sports is a Whitby owned online retailer committed to conveniently providing adapted clothing to people with physical challenges. This is a partnership born out of a passion for making life easier for people who live with disability and long-term illness. 






    Koolway Sports is a Canadian owned company that serves customers across North America and Europe. They have been in business since 2009. 

    AbilityOnline has provided free and safe companionship, support and learning opportunities to children with disabilities since 1991. They also have an equipment grant program for their members.


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