Charity partners with local business so child can go to school



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    Charity partners with local business so child can attend school


    Toronto, ON- March 11, 2015- AbilityOnline and are partnering to raise money

    for Kaden Kadic who won’t be able to attend school in September if he doesn’t have a

    wheelchair. Kaden has a rare chromosomal disorder that seriously affects his mobility and

    communication. was approached by AbilityOnline, an online community for

    children and youth with disabilities, to collect donations for Kaden so his family could purchase

    a wheelchair and adapt their family vehicle. AbilityOnline runs an equipment grant program

    called Ability Gives which is funded solely by private donations. runs warehouse

    sales several times a year featuring L’Oréal, Revlon and Johnson & Johnson products. It’s a

    match made in heaven!


    SaleEvent’s owner, Brent Jollymore raised money last year for Maddie Vanstone, a young girl

    who needed medication for Cystic Fibrosis that the government of Ontario did not fund. It

    remains a fact that families of children with serious medical conditions often struggle financially

    to meet their children’s needs. That is why AbilityOnline developed an equipment grant program

    called Ability Gives. “100 percent of all donations to Ability Gives go directly toward the

    purchase of equipment. Since we started the program two years ago, we have given 137 grants

    for the purchase of equipment with a total value of $284, 000,” states AbilityOnline’s Executive

    Director, Michelle McClure.


    The warehouse sale is open to the general public and donations can be made at the cashier. has two warehouse events running this week until March 15th. One event is at the

    International Centre on Airport Road in Mississauga and the other is in Scarborough at 1399

    Kennedy Rd, Unit 11. Both locations are collecting donations for Kaden’s wheelchair.



    AbilityOnline is a free, safe and fully monitored online community for children and youth living

    with disability or long-term illness. Ability Gives is an equipment grant program run by

    AbilityOnline. Visit for details. Kaden’s donation page:


  provides discounted quality cosmetics and other merchandise to consumers through

    their website, retail stores and warehouse events. Retail stores are located in Scarborough and

    Mississauga. Visit for more details.



    Kaden Kadic needs a wheelchair or he won’t be allowed to attend school in September. $20,000

    is required to purchase a wheelchair and adapt the family vehicle.