Alternative investment company uses investments to fund children’s charities



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    Alternative investment company uses investments to fund children’s charities


    Toronto, ON- May 15, 2015- If you believe that giving is the catalyst for receiving, then you can appreciate the value of having a portion your investments directed toward charitable organizations.  In 2013, Toronto’s Spartan Fund Management Inc. set up an alternative fund called onTREND, which has been producing annualized returns in excess of 19% for its investors (compared to TSX which produces only 9.07%). The fund has been structured to give 10% of onTREND's performance fees to children's charities, so as the fund succeeds, so do the children who benefit from the funding.


    One of the charities that regularly receives funds is Ability Gives.  Ability Gives is an equipment grant program run by AbilityOnline, a charity that facilitates safe social connections, via the internet, for children living with disabilities. “We started the Ability Gives grant program to help families provide necessary equipment for their children. The equipment we fund improves their quality of life and reduces the social isolation of the children we serve,” says AbilityOnline’s Executive Director, Michelle McClure.


    Ability Gives received the fund’s first quarter donation on May 14th, 2015. Michelle McClure was presented with a cheque for $12,600. Ability Gives directs 100 per cent of their donations toward the purchase of equipment. This donation will allow the grant to fund adapted bikes, special swings and even iPads, which verbally challenged kids use for communication purposes. 


    Sheldon Pollack, an early investor in onTREND made the initial introduction to Ability Gives, which focuses on providing mobility equipment to disabled children.  To date, over 140 kids have benefited and most of the funding for this program has come to them through onTREND. 



    onTREND is a fund offered by alternative investment manager Spartan Fund Management Inc. of Toronto.  onTREND's investment team is made up of John Durfy as CIO and Tim Burgess as associate portfolio manager and chief strategist. Visit for more information.


    Ability Gives is an equipment grant program run by AbilityOnline. AbilityOnline has been helping children living with disability and long-term illness form social connections over the internet since 1991. Their web based community is monitored and safe.  AbilityOnline has been incident free for 25 years. Visit for more information about AbilityOnline and Ability Gives. 




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